Oct. 15, 2020

Virtual Craft Fair Performer or Vendor

Quirky Gifter Portland, Oregon

The Quirky Gifter Virtual Holiday Craft Fair is looking for Portland area musicians, performers or artists to be featured in our virtual event. Additionally, you can create a vendor shop to share your social media, website, and events or even sell downloads, personalized music gifts, CDs, or whatever you create that would make a unique gift. Quirky Gifter is hoping to support Portland artists while giving the community a chance to experience local performers and buy one-of-a-kind art for the holidays. Musicians, writers, performers and makers of handcrafted goods could all participate in our Holiday Craft Fair. It runs from November 1- Jan. 1, and we will be featuring different local artists each day. Visit QuirkyGifter.com or email us at info@quirkygifter.com

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