Jan. 10, 2019

Sports Entertainment Contributor

Cover The Spread 365 Miami, Florida

Are you passionate about sports? Do you love to talk sports? Cover The Spread 365 is the premier sports entertainment and information platform for talking about your favorite professional and college sports and picking the Vegas spread on teams.

We are currently seeking Sports Writers to cover one or more of the teams from the following leagues: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and Division I College Football and Men’s Basketball.

This position will offer you the opportunity to build your resume with a sports journalism role and also:
- Be part of a network of like-minded professionals
- Enjoy flexibility in terms of hours and location (work from our office/ home/school)
- Gain skills and experience in a variety of areas, including social media, website development, sports marketing and

Produce the following:

- Blogs and news articles relevant to the sports industry
- Use data and statistics gathered to create blog posts
- Produce articles in the range of 500 words
-Gather information that is relevant to our prospective leagues and teams to create blog posts and pick actual winners and losers from the spread of Vegas

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